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Title: Equinox Mod forum
Post by: Se7en on April 26, 2016, 12:17:52 am
Welcome to the official "Equinox Mod" forum


Here you can see the overall progress of the mod. Furthermore, you can make suggestions and report bugs after a first release was made.

For anyone who's new to this mod, here's the short description one more time:
"Second Expansion Pack for Tiberium Wars, based on Kane's Wrath. Content: Scrin Singleplayer Campaign + Intelligence Data Entries, New UI, New Units/Structures/Upgrades, New Maps, New Effects, some Bugfixes and German Language Pack."

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Currently working on:
Spoiler: show
Additional Kane Edition Skins
UI (98% finished)
Units and Upgrades
MP Maps

News and further updates will be posted in this thread.