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Wrath Ed Demo - Compiling maps





  • Microsoft .net 4

  • makebig.exe from the TW Mod SDK

  • A folder containing all terrain textures in DDS format *

* The original terrain files are in the TGA format. You can either convert them yourself or download all converted files here!


Using the map compiler

The following procedure will most possibly change in future releases. Expect easier to use tools in the future!

Creating mod maps for the addon Kane's Wrath is a bit more tricky than for the original game. The following steps are necessary because it doesn't load map streams for custom maps: 
#1 Compiling map.xml 

To compile a map you have to assign the -compile: and -terrain: parameters. You can do this either through the command prompt or a shortcut. Take a look at the screenshot to the right for an example using the command prompt.

#2 Necessary file structure 
After compiling the map.xml create the following folders inside your map directory (the one containing map.xml):

  • big

  • big\Data

  • big\Data\AdditionalMaps

  • big\Data\maps

  • big\Data\maps\unofficial\MAPNAME

When this is done copy all compiled files to big\Data\maps\unofficial\MAPNAME. (map.bin, map.imp, map.manifest, map.relo,, MAPNAME_art.tga) 
#3 mapmetadata

  • Copy the whole MapMetaData element from your map.xml file

  • Open the folder big\Data\AdditionalMaps and create a file mapmetadata_MAPNAME.xml inside of it.

  • Paste the copied MapMetaData element inside of another MapMetaData element. Take a look at the screenshot below for details:


Important: You have to change the FileName attribute to match the file structure of step #2 (Necessary file structure)

  • What's left is to compile the mapmetadata_MAPNAME.xml:

#4 Store the map in a .big file 
All created files need to be in a .big file Kane's Wrath can use. For this use the makebig.exe of the TW SDK 5.0. You need to specify the outputfile parameter as well as your created big directory (see step #2). Click on the following picture to see an example:

#5 Load the map! 
The final step is to get Kane's Wrath to load your custom mod map. Store the created big file anywhere you want to. Open the main configuration file inside the Kane's Wrath installation directory (e.g. CNC3EP1_[YourLanguage]_1.2.SkuDef) and add the path to your big file: 


Of course you have to change the path in the picture to your own big file.

When you're done, start up the game, choose the map in the menu and start playing!